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Aluminium-wooden Frames: features, pros and cons

14 February 2023

Functional and elegance: aluminium-wood windows and doors are a state-of-the-art solution for your home. In this article you can discover all the features and advantages of combining aluminium and wood in windows and doors.

Window and doors can be made of different materials, each of which has its own more or less advantageous characteristics. Aluminium has many advantages and is the best material for modern windows and doors, safe, durable and aesthetically pleasing. Wood is also a popular material, especially for the feeling of warmth and comfort it gives the home.

When it comes to choosing windows for your home, there is the possibility of opting for ‘combined windows’, combining the best characteristics of wood and aluminium to obtain a solid and functional product. The aim is always to install in one’s own home a window or door that meets high quality standards in many ways; in this case, the contemporary nature of aluminium is combined with the classic nature of wood, obtaining the ultimate in prestigious frames.

Aluminium and wood windows and doors: features

What is meant by aluminium and wood windows and doors? Under this designation, all windows, doors and balcony doors that have been constructed with a combination of these two materials are covered. More precisely, wood is used for the inside of the window, the part that faces the inside of the room, and aluminium for the outside, thus maximising the positive characteristics of both materials.

The two materials are connected together in such a way that the contraction and expansion of each one is not hindered. In the construction of the entire window, including the installation of the glazed part, the most modern technologies make it possible to obtain a product in which the different parts are perfectly integrated.

The choice of wood

Not all types of wood are the same and not all are suitable for window frames. METRA Building offers high-quality solid wood and the choice ranges from oak, natural or stained, to stained or pickled ash and natural cherry.

The choice of aluminium

Aluminium is a material with multiple properties: it is light, ductile, recyclable, impact and weather resistant. When used in window frames, it can be treated by oxidation and painting – which does not affect its qualities in any way – to obtain an almost infinite range of colours and finishes.

Aluminium-wood or wood-aluminium?

Technically, there is a difference between these two designations. Wood-aluminium window frames have a supporting structure made entirely of wood and an external protective covering of aluminium. In contrast, aluminium-wooden frames consist of an aluminium structure that is covered by an inner layer of wood. Regardless of this difference, the characteristics of the two materials have advantages for both types of window.

Why choose aluminium and wood frames

If we consider the pros and cons of aluminium-wood windows and doors, we would realise that the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages, because we have the opportunity to combine the best of what the two materials have to offer.

Sun and weather resistance

Aluminium is chosen as the external material of the frame because of its very high resistance capabilities. This material is able to withstand the sun and the most extreme temperatures, as well as saltiness, corrosive agents and even violent atmospheric agents, from rain to wind and snow. Aluminium does not alter or corrode, maintaining its characteristics over time and without any need for maintenance.

Security against break-ins

Despite its lightness and ductility, aluminium has characteristics that give it considerable mechanical strength. It is a very difficult material to break, so when it comes to security and peace of mind, it is the absolute best choice of construction material for windows, doors and balcony doors.

Versatility of style

When two very versatile materials are put together, the result is a product that can really meet any aesthetic requirement. The presence of two different materials also makes it possible to choose different finishes and colours for the inside and outside of the house; this is the ideal solution for those who want to give their home a special character, and also for those who do not want to give up their own preferences without clashing with condominium or municipal requirements.

Thanks to painting and oxidation processes, aluminium can exist in all possible shades of colour. It can be shiny or matt, treated with special scratch-resistant finishes, or achieve a ‘sandblasted’ look that can be rough or satin-finished to the touch. For its part, wood is available in different essences and can be left as it is for a natural effect, or treated by painting and brushing to achieve different effects and different colours.

Aluminium-wood frames can then be combined with double-glazing with the desired performance and characteristics, in this regard, we recommend reading the guide to choosing glass, as well as handles, hinges and accessories of all kinds. Finally, wood and aluminium can exist in different shapes (arches, trapezoids, gothic shapes and so on) to suit the widest variety of architectural styles.

Finally, it should not be forgotten that the aluminium-wood combination can be applied to different types of window and door: casement windows and doors or sliding windows and doors.


Aluminium and wood are both light yet strong materials; this allows them to be used for large windows without the need to install reinforcing elements as could be the case with PVC. French windows and large windows made of wood and aluminium make rooms brighter, because the passage of natural light is accentuated.

Heat sensation

Wood on the inside of the window or door provides a pleasant feel; its appearance and naturalness give the room a feeling of comfort, warmth, craftsmanship and familiarity. For all these reasons, wood is undeniably a material that gives the home a certain aesthetic value; meanwhile, on the outside, aluminium does its job in keeping the home safe and durable.

Thermal and acoustic insulation

Wood and aluminium are excellent materials for the thermal insulation of your home; thanks to the thermal break used in all the latest generation windows and doors, as well as the natural insulating properties of wood, with this type of window you are sure to thermally insulate your home to the best of your ability, resulting in a higher level of efficiency and energy savings. In fact, you will see less heat dispersion in winter and less air conditioning in summer, helping to reduce electricity costs, respect the environment and maintain an ideal temperature inside the home.

The excellent insulation also allows high levels of sound insulation to be achieved: an important element especially for city dwellers and, in general, for living in the highest living comfort.

Respect for the environment and tenants

Aluminium is a naturally available and ecologically sustainable material; it can be 100 per cent recycled an infinite number of times without losing its characteristics.
In turn, the wood used to make wood-aluminium windows and doors comes from forests that are controlled and protected by strict FSC certification: the timber used for windows is that which has now reached full maturity, and precise reforestation policies are implemented.

Overall, it can therefore be said that wood-aluminium windows are the ideal solution for those who care about environmental sustainability, as opposed to PVC, which is a plastic material and only partially recyclable.

Furthermore, wood and aluminium are absolutely non-polluting materials; they do not emit any harmful substances, even when subjected to very high temperatures. For this reason, they are safe materials for the well-being of tenants and guarantee a healthy environment inside the home.

Long-term investment

Aluminium is a material that, thanks to its strength, guarantees a long life of the frame; together, wood and aluminium provide excellent thermal insulation that prevents the presence of moisture and the appearance of mould and condensation. When combined with diligent maintenance of the wooden part, these factors make the aluminium and wood frame practically eternal.

Of course, the quote for the fabrication and installation of a wood-aluminium window varies greatly based on the customer’s needs and the type of supplier. In general, however, it can be said that the quality/price ratio of aluminium-wood frames is always more than favourable, especially if one considers all the positive features they possess. Functionality, practicality, design, safety and warmth are all qualities that offer the possibility of making an excellent investment in the long term, since the expenses will undoubtedly be amortised over time. In fact, it is an almost eternal frame, which can last even 50 years and more (much longer than a PVC frame).

The maintenance of aluminium-wood windows and doors

In spite of the many advantages that aluminium and wood windows and doors prove to have, it is nevertheless important to bear in mind the need for maintenance of wood. As a living material, wood needs relatively frequent maintenance, during which it will be necessary to check the state of paintwork and wear and tear.

In the case of aluminium-wood frames, the latter material is only used for the internal part of the frame and sashes; it will therefore be subjected to the signs of time to a much lesser extent than frames made entirely of wood. On the other hand, the external aluminium part resists any stimulus very well, and does not need any type of maintenance to preserve its mechanical and aesthetic characteristics.

The best aluminium-wood frames

Choosing an aluminium-wood frame means getting the ultimate in performance and design in a single product.

METRA Building offers advice on the subject of aluminium windows and doors, helping to choose the best option based on specific needs and the latest technology. METRA Building also offers the Aluminium-Wood line: windows and doors with casement or sliding openings, with the unique combination of the solidity of aluminium and the warmth of wood.

METRA Building’s aluminium-wood windows consist of an aluminium frame that can have unlimited finishes, and a thick layer of natural wood to represent the inside of the window. These windows have all the undeniable advantages of the aluminium-wood combination mentioned above – thermal and acoustic insulation, resistance, low maintenance requirements, high levels of security, perfect opening and closing mechanics; it is also possible to foresee a provision for home automation.

METRA Building’s aluminium-wood solutions are applicable not only to windows and balcony doors, but also to entrance doors.