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A fusion of exterior and interior with the NC-S 75 HES FD folding sliding door

07 February 2024

The NC-S 75 HES FD folding sliding door is one of the latest additions to the METRA Building range and is the ideal solution for enlarging spaces and creating a harmonious continuity between inside and outside. Made entirely of aluminium, it stands out for its elegant design, functionality and high performance. Its large glass panes give the rooms an unprecedented natural brightness, creating a cosy and comfortable atmosphere.

The folding and sliding doors allow you to make the most of the space available, both inside and out. Available in different configurations, it can be fitted with a variable number of sashes, from one to seven, each of which can reach a maximum width of 1,200 mm and a height of 3,000 mm, making it ideal for large spaces. High-quality materials and finishing guarantee the NC-S 75 HES FD folding door’s resistance, durability and high thermal and acoustic insulation.

The stainless steel hardware ensures smooth, quiet operation and low maintenance. The NC-S 75 HES FD folding sliding door is the ideal choice for those who want to combine style and functionality. Its versatility makes it suitable for all types of environments, from modern homes to designer apartments and prestigious villas.