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10 Ideas for Renovating and Make Modern a Home

13 May 2023

Renovating a house is an activity that requires a significant investment in terms of money, time and energy. For this reason, it is necessary to plan it in the best possible way and take into account all the elements that can make the house not only more pleasant, but also more efficient and comfortable. Here are some tips and ideas for renovating a modern home.

Whether for real estate prospects or to live in a house that more closely reflects one’s own tastes, renovating an old house in a modern style can be an excellent investment. It is often a complex operation that requires the intervention of specialists, especially to avoid mistakes that could cost you dearly in the long run.

The renovation of a modern home can be total or partial, affecting only the interior or also the façade, encompassing the wall structure or just a restyling that, however, if done well, is able to give the home new life. In any case, renovating a house means not only being able to live in a more comfortable and contemporary environment, but also significantly increasing the value of the property.

Home renovation: 10 modern ideas

To achieve a complete restyling of the house, we start with the structural elements of the house itself: these are the ones that require the most planning because we cannot risk making mistakes. Renovation work may involve the wall structure but, even when it is limited to the replacement of fixtures, fittings or cladding, it is still essential to plan everything out and get a very precise idea of the modern house we want to achieve as an end result.

Here are some ideas for home renovation.

1. Replacing equipment and boiler

One of the most important reasons to renovate a house is energy efficiency.

The energy efficiency of the house is an essential concept, especially in terms of thermal insulation; this can be ensured with the construction of a thermal coat, floor and ceiling insulation, as well as the installation of thermal break aluminium windows and doors.

But in order to achieve a greener, and therefore, more modern home, it is also important to consider installing new systems that guarantee higher energy efficiency. For example, one could replace the heating system and boiler and install a heat pump powered by a photovoltaic system. There are many opportunities to make your home more sustainable, and modern home renovation is the best time to think about it.

2. Covering or replacing floors

It is important to get the best advice when it comes to flooring because, in some cases, there is a risk of covering a floor that gains in value over the years. Installing parquet flooring in living areas and bedrooms always gives a feeling of maximum warmth and comfort.

The original flooring can be left in the kitchen and bathrooms if it respects the style and needs of the tenants. Otherwise, it can be covered or replaced with more modern solutions: from porcelain stoneware to marble, from resin to laminate.

3. Installing high-performance aluminium frames

Of all the interventions involved in transforming a modern home, the replacement of windows and doors is undoubtedly the most important. In fact, windows guarantee a radical change in the house from all points of view: aesthetics, efficiency, brightness, protection… To meet all these needs, the best material is undoubtedly aluminium, which has countless advantages.

We can summarise them as follows:

  • aluminium is an extremely solid and resistant material; this allows it to guarantee maximum protection from the sun, humidity, saltiness and the most aggressive atmospheric agents. the result is a window frame that always performs and lasts 50 years, much longer than a wooden or PVC frame (and with minimum maintenance). Moreover, thanks to its resistance, aluminium allows you to sleep soundly because it increases the degree of security of your home.
  • thanks to thermal break, aluminium also provides excellent thermal insulation: heat loss is avoided and energy efficiency is greatly enhanced. This has positive implications not only in terms of saving on energy bills, but also in terms of reducing emissions and, therefore, environmental friendliness.
  • from this last point of view, it should be remembered that aluminium is a completely recyclable material: aluminium obtained by recycling in no way loses its excellent qualities and requires very little energy to be manufactured. For all these reasons, aluminium establishes itself as a highly eco-friendly material for window frames.
  • aluminium is also a material that lends itself to endless customisation possibilities thanks to its ductility and the vast variety of colours and finishes. It is undoubtedly the most suitable material for a modern renovation, contributing to a discreet, refined and contemporary ambience.

The advice is therefore to think about replacing windows and doors now when you are about to renovate a house in a modern, sustainable way. There are many elements that contribute to this choice: to get a clearer idea, you can read our guide to choosing windows and doors.

4. Tearing down walls and opening up spaces

Houses built in past decades are generally characterised by closed, well-defined spaces. In contrast, modern houses are often synonymous with openness and spaciousness. Whenever possible – and with the support of experts who will be able to advise as best they can – one can consider knocking down some non-load-bearing partition walls, creating very open-spaces contemporary.

The main motivation for such an intervention is to obtain more liveable and shareable spaces, where all tenants can meet without a clear division of rooms. It is also useful to give rooms breathing space, create greater harmony and, above all, significantly increase the natural lighting of the house.

5. Considering interior doors and partition walls

A very contemporary expedient for giving rooms more air and brightness is the inclusion of glass partition walls. They give a sense of spaciousness to even the narrowest spaces and connect different rooms, while still maintaining the division of the rooms. Of course, they are not the ideal solution for rooms requiring privacy; but they can be installed, for example, to create continuity between the kitchen and the dining room, or between the latter and the living room. Even a possible home office can be organised within completely or partially glass walls.

The best part of glass partitions is their aluminium support structure; this material provides a feeling of openness and lightness, while at the same time giving solidity and strength. The result is an extremely modern and refined solution; you can explore all the details – sliding openings, frames, corner solutions, mirrors… – in the Glass Partition section of METRA Building.

Interior doors in the home, again made of glass and aluminium, can also be an optimal solution for giving rooms spaciousness and brightness. When privacy is needed and glass cannot therefore be used, aluminium is undoubtedly the best material for modern, design-oriented interior doors that also perform remarkably well in terms of thermal and acoustic insulation. Ductile and resistant, aluminium adapts perfectly to any masonry thickness and can be customised in terms of colours, shapes and finishes.

6. Giving the walls a new look

How can masonry walls be made more modern? Certainly, in a renovation context, it will be necessary to remove any damaged wallpaper and paint to give the room a fresh and renewed look. You can be guided by experts on the most modern trends in this regard, and choose soft or contrasting colours according to your preferences.

An interesting option is provided by wallpaper, which, in its modern version, can be made in an infinite number of patterns – even customised. It can be used to cover even just one wall of the room, so as to achieve a greater contrast of colours and proportions.

7. Playing with lighting

Compared to the past, today’s homes are recognisable by their brightness: white walls, large spaces, light and minimal furniture, and more natural light. This last point is something that can be achieved mainly through the structural overhaul of the house; when possible, it is better to opt for large windows that let sunlight through4 while offering a pleasant feeling of comfort. Again, aluminium windows are the best option, for two main reasons:

  • thanks to its particular strength and solidity, aluminium is able to support even very large windows without the need for reinforcement. This material is therefore ideal for large French windows or even curtain walls.
  • for the same reason, aluminium allows for very slender and slim frame profiles, thus being able to maximise the glass surface and, consequently, the passage of natural light.

When it gets dark, renovating a modern home also means playing with artificial lighting. Ideally, many concealed lighting points should be placed at strategic points in the house to provide soft, discreet light for a maximum feeling of comfort.

8. Choosing shutters and front door

When looking for ideas for renovating a house, one often tends to focus on its interior structural parts, as well as on interior design. But the exterior of the house is also of paramount importance, as it is its calling card and must provide an immediate sense of welcome to its occupants.

Shades are elements that should not be underestimated not only for their aesthetic taste, but also for their protective and insulating functions. Shutters, blinds, venetian blinds, sunshades… which ones to choose?5 It is important to look into this question in order to understand what best meets one’s needs. Certainly, aluminium is once again the most suitable material for modern home renovation. Aluminium shutters and sunshades, such as those from METRA Building, increase room security and weather protection thanks to their strength and solidity. Their design and state-of-the-art technology make them the perfect shutters for a modern home.

Equal importance must be given to the entrance door, which performs fundamental functions of insulation, security and aesthetics. To learn more, you can read our guide to choosing a front door6.

9. Freshening up the balcony

It is now clear that glass and aluminium are the most suitable materials for transforming an old house into a modern home. In fact, these two materials lend sophistication and design to any room thanks to their clean and essential lines.

It is also possible to exploit the characteristics of aluminium and glass in balconies7, to create outdoor spaces for everyday living without sacrificing beauty. Glass gives breadth, increases the passage of light and allows wonderful continuity with outdoor spaces and views. The aluminium structure, for its part, gives solidity and strength; it is also very easy to maintain and will not be damaged if exposed to salt, sun or weather.

METRA Building balconies are available in all-glass or glass-aluminium versions. As in the case of all other products, balconies can be given different finishes to suit a wide variety of requirements; the same applies to terraces, stairs and outdoor railings, for a complete restyling of the exterior of the modern home.

10. Making life easier with home automation

When one is looking for ideas and advice for renovating a modern home, one invariably comes across home automation systems. Home automation is a state-of-the-art technology that makes everyday life easier in several ways: it makes the home more efficient, safer and more convenient to manage.

Installations, lighting, blinds and appliances can all be connected to a home automation system that allows them to be controlled very quickly and effectively, simply by pressing a button or even remotely via smartphone. Home automation is where modern home and technology meet to ensure maximum living comfort.

Choose METRA Building for a modern, high-performance home

Renovating an old house and transforming it into a modern home is a complex process. Therefore, in order to simplify the task as much as possible, it is advisable to use specialised companies who know how best to advise the customer in the different phases of planning and work.

METRA Building, through its specialised dealers, offers this kind of help when the time comes to choose elements of one’s house for renovation: not only the windows and doors, but also the interior doors, partition walls, entrance door, shutters and balconies. All these elements are made of the highest quality aluminium. You can find out more on the METRA Building Compagny website section.